Grading ​​​

  • Every student begins with an A. 

  • Students will be graded on participation, sportsmanship, as well as assessments throughout the school year.  ​

  • Participation plays a large factor in students' grades, so if they are not participating, they will lose points. 

  • Students will receive a "warning" when they are not participating or meeting expectations and if it continues, they will lose one point.   

  • Points will be added up at the end of each trimester.

  • Grading Scale is as follows: 

A = 1-3 points lost 
A- = 4-6 points lost 
B+ = 7-9 points lost 
B =10-12 points lost 
B- =13-15 points lost
C+ = 16-19 points lost 
C = 20-23 points lost 
C- = 24-27 points lost 

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